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You have stumbled across the official and friendly website of the autocratic lovemuffins of Friendistan. Our people are dedicated to the virtues of moderately hard work, good grammar and well aged cheese. Our main gig is to promote the arts, as we are not only a nation of creatives, but also culturally subversive finks. Who also really like the old ways. We get a little confused, and that has a lot to do with the good swill we make in buckets. It is a national rule that each house has a bucket, and a kicking system. The best way to learn more is by surrendering yourself to our propaganda, which you will find on our Podcasts page. Sometimes, we have live Radio. You may subscribe to the podcasts in iTunes by clicking Enroll.

The Internal thing is a top secret page. Don't go there.

We love you,

The Politburo of Friendistan