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thing The Propagada Ministry proudly presents these dispatches from the Front Lines of Friendliness! Free Radio Friendistan is a podcast featuring a hyper-eclectic swirl of sounds with a mystic twist. DJ Moonbird (jay joslin) is the gatekeeper of a massive library of music and impactful works which he uses to create a stimulating, informative and dangerously random podcast which packs some awe and wonder into the Big Picture.





Episode 46, "Summer Mixer 2014" (102:30) Well, a whole summer's gone by. Never too late for a party though.

I've done it again- I slacked. So, I'm gussying up the place and pulling out the tunes. Let's mingle, while the music takes on a life of its own, randomly dashing from one jaunty summery thing to another.
29 Aug 14 Tracklist and Popout Player here



Episode 45, "Yes, I May" (84:00) It's wasn't an intentional hiatus, buy the merry month of May heralds DJ Moonbird's return.

Five months without a podcast is a tad too long, but the the timing is just right for some energetic, springy, verdant & fecund tunes of mixed relevance to this time of year. Maybe it's just stuff I like, where this all began in the first place.
31 May 14 Tracklist and Popout Player here



Episode 44, "The 23 of 13" (111:15) It does what it says on the tin; DJ Moonbird's favs from MMXIII.

The best ofs and new to mes for the past year, with a supercut of runners-up. Simple as that, but damn fine. Let the tops sing for themselves.
4 Jan 14 Tracklist and Popout Player here






Episode 43, "Night-Owling" (100:15) Dedicated to we insomniacs who fancy- like it or night- the hours of insensibility and madness.

Night music is a weird genre. It's got chords that fade in and out, like subatomic particles, and keys that jingle only when you fumble for them in the dark.
23 Oct 13 Tracklist and Popout Player here



Episode 42, "Summer Mixer" (98:10) A musical party in which you won't possibly guess who's coming. I don't.

It's summer and I'm lazy. I set the music to run randomly while I nap in the hammock. I'll be back later to see who made an appearance. Chaos!
29 Jul 13 Tracklist and Popout Player here



"Episode 41, "Pride: My Country Gave Dignity" (86:52) In a week, DOMA and Prop 8 were overturned a Pride was celebrated everywhere; thus, here be the conjurings from DJ Moonbird's lavender library.

The main plaintiff against DOMA was the 84 year-old wife of Thea, a relationship the government refused to recognize. Until an uprising of common sense shot rainbow love into the chambers of the Supreme Court and PRIDE celebrations everywhere.
2 Jul 13 Tracklist and Popout Player here



Episode 40, "Under the covers, Pt. 2" (87:21) Just like tweaking an old recipe, but with ingredients your grannie never dreamed of.

Way back when we started, we devoted an episode to covers. These are in fact my favorite of gems in my scouring of obscurities. Surrender your favorite songs to the world-wide matrix of creativity.
15 Jun 13 Tracklist and Popout Player here



Episode 39, "But, is it (not) art?" (92:00) A Latin axiom is translated as "Art is Long, Life is Short." Doubtless, we all could spend more time art-ing.

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, what's in the ear? Why do we get stuck with metaphors like earworms? These songs celebrate & mock the creative process, which at the very least might prod us to peer into the paintbox again.
3 Feb 13 Tracklist and Popout Player here



Episode 38, "The 22 of '12" (109:30) Why count down when you can count up? Friendistan's tops for MMXII.

The meddlesome march of time at least has some music to go along with it. 2011 was a doozy, and '12? Well, these are interesting times. Here's to hoping the year of the baker's dozen will be just as interesting, but without as much "damn age."
29 Dec 12 Tracklist and Popout Player here



Episode 37, "Report From The Home Front" (94:44) Read into the comeback episode. Go ahead. Interpret the living heaven out of it.

A lot has been happening in our restive Republic, and this transmission seeks to reassure the masses that we are a hardy people. Who else rides around stoically on unicorns?
01 Dec 12 Tracklist and Popout Player here



Episode 36, "Dragon Got Your Tongue?" (102:18) Tunes important to and lessons learned from the Trip Over and Inner Yonder, with a collaborative story written by cats.

I am an addict of meaning- the Asian voyage rendered my soul barnacled with amazing and transformative teachings handed down not from a guru but from diving into experience. If that's all it takes, why don't we all jump into the pool? By the way, any coincedences for you lately?
20 Jul 12 Tracklist and Popout Player here



Episode 35, "The Kids Are (Gonna Be) Alright" (89:45) We'd like to think everything's OK. So would they.

This episode is dedicated not only to the victims of bullying, teen suicide, & hate crimes- it's about rising up, young and alive.
7 Apr 12 Tracklist and Popout Player here



Episode 34, "I Never Meta-Dream I Didn't Like" (75:48) I dreamed one day that I made a podcast. Or one day did a podcast dream me?

No matter how close neuroscience comes close to explaining dreams, what they mean to us and how they shape the soul remains as untouchable as that doorknob you just... oh wait.
17 Mar 12 Tracklist and Popout Player here



Episode 33, "Asiatic Ecstatic" (66:24) All new format! Take a musical package tour of Asia for a mere 60 minutes of your time.

Hello Asia! I'll be visiting you soon! In honor of that exciting occasion, I'll take a mish-mash of music from all genres from diverse cultures, blend, chop and serve warm.
10 Mar 12 Tracklist and Popout Player here



Episode 32, "Intention and Direction" (96:32) First (and very late) podcast of the new year (and it's THAT year too). Why not set the pace with some inspiring ear mojo?

Okay, so some find it corny to get all intentional and make resolutions (well, I kinda do too). But there's something about getting down to the nitty gritty at the first of the year (-ish) that just seems right.
14 Feb 12 Tracklist and Popout Player here



Episode 31, "The 22 of '11" (103:35) Counting down the best songs you haven't heard in the podcast in 2011.

I don't like to play favorities- I freakin' RAWK to favorites. But they are incredibly hard to pick, so this list was made in l'esprit du temps- as it everything else, actually.
25 Dec 11 Tracklist and Popout Player here



Episode 30, "Dubsteppin' Out" (98:05) Take any song + Dubstep = AWESOME

Since it's the big new thing, it'll be old soon. Let's go all dubstep this episode before it's tomorrow's musical dodo bird.
8 Dec 11 Tracklist and Popout Player here



Episode 29, "When Friends Gather" (99:18) It's simple enough- you get together with your peeps, click glasses, and give thanks.

When Friendistan holds a general conclave, we toast to the big things, and laugh are the really little things. This time of year, people gather for all sorts of reasons. This is about gathering together because we can.
26 Nov 11 Tracklist and Popout Player here



Episode 28, "Songs of Uprising" (98:34) Since the Arab Spring, something's been in the air world-wide. It's the music of revolution.

When we take a stand, we accompany the action with music. Having a beat to march to will inspire us to get off our duffs and out into the streets. This episodde, Friendistan is occupying your ears. with best service.

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buy replicas de relojes as your entry pass, 19 Nov 11 Tracklist and Popout Player here



Episode 27, "Wordless" (or, "Don't Speak!") (97:18) What few words you'll hear will be about what few words you'll hear.

Sometimes, in life and in music, it's best just to zip it and allow the voices of instruments to have their day. I can't say much about this podcast because, finally, there's not much to say- but lots to hear.
12 Nov 11 Tracklist and Popout Player here



Episode 26, "Ghosts vs. Spirits" (94:05) Team Spooky meets Team Spectral in an Ectoplasm Exclusive.

Why shouldn't you be afraid of the dark? Because "they" love your fear. And the flip side: why fear departed souls? "They" only want to see you loving in the light.
5 Nov 11 Tracklist and Popout Player here



Episode 25, "Thanks, Bob" (95:17) Bob Moog was not only a worldwide hero of music, he also liked roast duck and tipped well.

Not only did Bob Moog have a fondness for circuitboards- he was rather fond of roasted duck. That's how I met the man that would had unbeknownst to be inspired musical rapture- unassuming and joyous, Bob lit up my poultry shack of toil with humble tunes that could lure anyone out to dance in the streets.This week all music comes from the line-ups from Moogfest 2011.
27 Oct 11 Tracklist here



Episode 24, "No time like the timeless" (98:14) Time is really the only thing that passes us by- or does it? Can you pass it up?

It's been a while, and always has been. As the hours while by, slip into the future (etc),
we've gotta ask- does anyone really know what time it is? Does anyone really care? In Friendistan, we don't have time zones...
22 Oct 11 Tracklist here



Episode 23,"Nice Weather for Dreaming" (97:40) The weather around here has always been weird. The weirder, the dreamier...


Today's weather report: you don't need an umbrella because you're gonna get soaked anyway.
It's cool, hot, windy and the sky is full of mystery. Nothing to prepare for, you can't plan a dream. NOTE: This podcast originally recorded 10 Sept 11.
8 Oct 11 Tracklist here



Episode 22, "Oktoberfestistan!" (97:19)  It's O'Fest in F'stan, let the season of strange harvests begin!

You might think of Oktoberfest as a debauch crazed festival of drunken loonies (it kinda is) or you migh think of it as a celebration of harvest, of bringing friends together and celebrating in spite of the dark. It's probably a little of both, just as this podcast is a little of everything.
1 Oct 11 Tracklist here



Episode 21, "Fataha for Ramya" (96:37) फातहा  Fataha = music played in celebration of life; Ramya = cosmic mama

Ramya Ruth Ann Gallacher Gleeson- that's a name for ya. And, that's a mama for ya. For me, this was the 2nd passing in as many weeks. But the gift she gave in helping transform my view of death and loss is something that needs honoring, and here's my way of doing it.
25 Sept '11 Tracklist here

Episode 20 "Life During Zoo Time" (92:58) We're all animals after all, alive to thrive and roar.

Just check you out- you're undeniably an animal, all coiffed for mating or all scaled for predating. The point is, we better give paws to remember the fragility, glory, and silliness of life.
3 Sept '11 Tracklist here



Episode 19, "Requiem for Julia" (100:09) Remember to always tell your people that you love them, everyday.


On Saturday, August 20th, I held the hand of a dear friend as she left a tremendous legacy of love in the wake of her struggling body. This podcast is unapologetically brimming with emotional heartpouring, and reflects the spirit of a soul who now guides me even more as a father and a Friendistani.
26 Aug '11
Tracklist here



Episode 18, "Corny Beats and Mashup" (91:57) Multi-genre pileups on the musical superhighway.

All mash-up episode wherein your favorite song just collided with someone else's. William S. Burroughs makes an appearance to explain why these hybrids are so delighful.
6 Aug 11 Tracklist here



Episode 17, "Hot Street Party Madness" (91:44) Episode 17, "Hot Street Party Madness" (91:44)

Live from Downtown Asheville's Bele Chere festival, DJ Moonbird turns the volume up on raucous hot summer rhythms- you supply your own hangover cure. Additional hip-hop added since our fair city missed the boat.
30 July 11 Tracklist here



Episode 16 "TAPES!" (92:59) All from tapes. Yes, those kind of tapes.

Remember those things, you held in your hand, used a pencil to wind it back to normal when it got gummed up? I've foraged through my massive collection of tapes, and yeah, TAPES.
23 July 2011 Tracklist here 



Episode 15, "Deep Down in the the Blues" (88:59) This episode is all blues, all deep in the Delta

Straight from the cradle of all blues music in America, these sweet tunes start with early wax cylinder recordings, and come through 100 years of soulfulness
16 July 2011 Tracklist here 


Episodes 1 to 14 can be found here.